Monday, February 20, 2012

Thai Rice Noodle Rolls

Thai noodle rolls

2 cups of steam or cook Napa cabbage
Fried onion
Fried garlic
½ cup of chopped green onion
Roasted coconut
Tofu or ground pork
Salty Chinese cabbage or turnip
Bean sprout
Cilantro for garnish


3 T of vinegar
5 t of sugar
4 t of soy sauce
1 t of chili garlic
2 t of fish sauce

Heat oil in wok till hot add garlic and fry the meat till almost done add to meat
1 t of chili garlic
1 t of hoisin sauce
Cook the meat till done turn the heat off let cool.

I don’t give you the exact amount on this recipe because it is up to you to put how much you want in the rolls.

First lay the fresh flat noodle on a cutting board
Next lay the cook cabbage on the flat noodle
Then the meat mixture
And lay the rest of the ingredients on the sheet of noodle
Fold the noodle carefully like you roll the egg rolls.

When ready to serve drizzle the sauce on top and garnish with cilantro. If you want the noodle softer heat in the microwave for a minute.

Note the noodle soak lot of sauce so you have to make extra sauce if you like more sauce on your noodle.

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