Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thai beef salad


12 oz beef like steak grill to medium rare thinly sliced
¼ cup of sliced cook stripe (optional)
½ t of chopped galangal
1 red chili chopped
1 T of chopped green onion
1 T of chopped cilantro
2 T of chopped mints
2 T of chopped Thai basil
1-2 thinly chopped kaffir lime leaves
2 T of chopped lemongrass
2-3 T of fish sauce
2-3 T of lime juice
Sugar up to you
1 tbsp of toasted rice.

Put sliced grill beef and stripe in a bowl add galangal, chili, lemongrass, fish sauce, lime leaves, lime juice, toasted rice, and mix well.

Next add all the herbs mix well taste and adjust the flavor.

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