Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pickle Green Mustard ( Khmer Jrouk Spey)

Pickle Green Mustard ( Khmer Jrouk Spey)

3 lbs of Chinese mustard wash and let air dry over night if you live in a cold state, or if you live in a hot state just put it outside for few hours.  The trick about this pickle is pour hot boiling salt water right in the mustard jar so the pickle will turn crisp in few day, don't worry it won't kill the mustard green. 

Put the mustard in prepare clean jar, cut or fold anyway you like.
Do use the measuring spoon not rice spoon it will not work.
3 lbs of mustard green
8 cups of water
3 T of salt
1 T of sugar (you can put between 1 to 2 T)
3 T of raw rice
Boil water with salt, sugar, and rice until tender but not cook all the way.  Turn the heat off

Pour hot boiling salt water into the mustard jar cover and let it sit for 3 to 4 days then it will be ready to serve. (discard the rice)

Serve pickle mustard with any grill fish or chicken with minced chilies and rice.


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