Friday, March 2, 2012

Stir fry Chinese Broccoli and Noodle

Stir fry Chinese Broccoli and Noodle
Marinate the meat with
1 lb of good beef thinly sliced
1 T of oyster sauce
1/2 T of sugar
1 T of Shaohsing wine
1 T of tapioca
1 t of sesame oil
Marinate for 20 minutes or longer for best flavor

1lb of fresh egg noodle or yakisoba noodle if you use the dry yakisoba makes sure soak and boil the noodle ahead of time according the package direction ( the best noodle for this recipe is fresh yakisoba, I didn’t have it on hand so I use fresh chow mein instead not the best, but that what I have).

1 lb of Chinese Broccoli washed (you can cut to bite size or leave it like what I did)
3 T soy sauce
2 T oyster sauce
2 T of yoshida sauce (Costco)
1/2 T of sugar
2 T of shaohsing wine
1 can of chicken broth (save ¼ cup for the broccoli)
3 T of vegetable oil for stir fry
3 clove of garlic minced divide
In a bowl combine the rest of chicken broth with 3 T of soy sauce, 2 T of oyster sauce, 1/2 T of sugar, Shaohsing and 2 T of Yoshida sauce set aside.

1 t of toasted sesame seeds for garnish

Heat 1 T of oil in a wok add half of the garlic fry until brown then add beef cook until almost done (the color not red) take out set aside
Add 1 T of oil add broccoli with ¼ cup of chicken broth stir until the broccoli almost tender, take it out set aside
Now add the last T of oil to the wok then last half of garlic stir fry until brown add noodle, stir fry with the rest of the sauce, mix it quickly, add the meat and broccoli back to the wok, stir fry until the noodle is hot and the flavor come together.

Turn the heat off garnish with roasted sesame seeds
Serve hot with soy sauce or chili sauce.This noodle need to be eaten right away or it will not taste good.


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