Monday, March 26, 2012

Chicken Bamboo Shoot Soup (Sgno Tompeang Sach Mouan)

Chicken Bamboo Shoot Soup

This soup is best if you find fresh bamboo shoots and serve with mint dressing or tuk trey jruk Jee.

1 big chicken leg cut into small chunk
3 cup bamboo shoots cut to bite size
3 garlic cloves with ½ t of salt (pound in mortar Pestle to paste)
1 t Knorr chicken powder
3 T of fish sauce
4 cup of water
1 can of chicken broth

In a medium soup pot boil the water and broth then add chicken cook until chicken is almost done
Add bamboo shoots and cooked until it is tender
Add garlic paste, Knorr chicken powder and fish sauce (don’t make it too salty because you serve it with Tuk Trey Jruk)
When the chicken and bamboo shoots are done turn the heat off.

When ready to serve add Tuk Trey Jruk to it. This soup taste better with the Asian type skinny yellow chicken ( Sach Mouan Sweat) but it takes too long to cook the chicken.

Serve hot with rice


Mint lime fish sauce dressing, Tuk Trey Jruk Jee (sorry I didn’t measure this part)

You need
Mints, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint, Saw leaves (all you need just few leaves)
Lime juice
Fish sauce
1 cloves of garlic (pound to paste)
1 chili
1 T of Vietnamese tuk prahok in a bottle

Mix everything together and adjust the flavor to your taste

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