Monday, March 12, 2012

Fish, Pork or Tofu salad (Trey Ang Tuk Trey Chralourk)

Fish, Pork or Tofu lettuce dip salad
Khmer trey Ang tuk trey (I add noodle to it)Fresh salmon is very good for this recipe.

I took this picture few years ago when I taught vegetarian class. I don’t have all the ingredients in the picture, but the recipe below has all the ingredients you need. This is Khmer Trey Ang Tuk chrulouk. The best fish for this recipe is Mud fish dot or Ang. Many fishermen homes in Cambodia along the Mekong River or Tunlesap River cook fish and make tuk Trey chralourk. This recipe is best with tamarind dressing not lime dressing, but I give you both dressing to try out. If you are a vegetarian go ahead and use Tofu instead. Adjust the dressing to your taste.

You need one big Mud fish if you can’t find it you can use Tilapia or cat fish
Boiled Pork belly is also good to go with this recipe, thinly sliced.
Grill the fish until done, dot or ang your fish (you only use the white meat inside not the skin)

If you use noodle buy Num Banhchok noodle and cook according to the direction on the package.
For the vegetables
Your choice of lettuce, head lettuce, Romaine etc..
Cucumber thinly sliced
Green tomato thinly sliced
Bean sprouts
All kind of herbs like Thai basil, mints, cilantro etc..

For the Tamarind dressing (double the dressing if you have lot of people to feed)

3 T of brown sugar or Palm sugar
3 T of fish sauce (use 3 crabs) if you are a vegetarian use vegetarian fish sauce instead
3 T of water
2 T of tamarind concentrate
2 cloves of minced garlic (1 big or 2 small)
2 to 3 minced Thai chilies up to you
2 T of roasted crush peanut for garnish
1 T of fried garlic

Mix all of the ingredients together in a sauce pan (except the fried garlic, and peanut) turn the heat to low cook, stir until boil and sugar is melted, taste, then add the fried garlic turn the heat off let cool. When ready to serve garnish with peanut.

For the lime or vinegar dressing you don’t have to boil the dressing

4 T of fish sauce
4 T of lime juice or vinegar (the lime and vinegar will taste a bit different)
4 T of sugar
2 T of water
2 cloves of minced garlic
2 to 3 minced Thai chilies up to you
2 T of roasted crush peanut for garnish

Mix all the ingredients (except the peanut) in a bowl, taste adjust the flavor to your taste. When ready
to serve garnish it with peanut.

To serve take a piece of Pork belly, fish, or tofu, noodle wrap with lettuce, sliced cucumber, green tomato, herb, mint, and bean sprouts fold the lettuce and dip in the sauce, enjoy.

Serve fish lettuce dip with rice.

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