Monday, March 5, 2012

Somlor Machou Kdat

Somlor Machou Kdat

I have no idea what to call Kdat in English it is not taro, if anyone know let me know so I can write the name in English. You and also use Trokoun (water lily) as vegetable for this kind of somlor machou)

You can use chicken leg, cat fish, Tilapia, or salmon
1 small stalk of Kdat peel the outside skin off cut to bite size
4 cups of water (4 cup depending on how big Kdat stalk is)
1 chicken leg cut to bite size
2 cloves of smash garlic to float in the soup
1 stalk of lemongrass cut in 2 pieces smash to float in the soup
2 Kaffir lime leaves (to float in soup)
1 T of kroeung (this will help it taste better) optional
2 pieces of galangal smash to float in the soup if you use galangal in the kroeung you don’t have to add it
1 t of Knorr chicken powder
1 T of tamarind powder (do add more to your taste)
1 T of prohok (do add more to your taste)
A handful of holy basil for garnish (Mreas Prov)

Boil water in a soup pot until boiling add chicken cook until the chicken turn white add lemongrass, garlic,
Kaffir lime, galangal, cook until the chicken is almost done

Add kroeung, Kdat, Knorr chicken powder, Tamarind, prohok let it cook for few more minutes,
Taste your soup and adjust the flavor to your taste.
Turn the heat off and garnish with holy basil

Serve hot with rice

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