Monday, April 1, 2013

Stir fry Fresh Rice Noodle with Chinese Broccoli

Stir fry Fresh Rice Noodle with Chinese Broccoli

1 pkg of fresh rice noodle (separated the noodle set aside in a bowl)
1 cup of good sliced beef or seafood of your choice
2 cup sliced Chinese broccoli
1 cup sliced carrot
2 cup fresh bean sprout
3 green onions cut to 1 inch long
4 T of vegetable oil for stir fry

For the stir fry sauce

1 cup beef broth
3 T of oyster sauce
4 T of soy sauce
1 T of mushroom soy sauce, or thick soy sauce dragon brand for color
1 T of cornstarch
1 T of sugar (more or less up to you)
1 t of black pepper
3 glove of minced garlic
Mix everything together and set aside (the best stir fry is to taste the sauce and adjust the flavor before stir fry with the noodle)

In a hot wok (medium high heat) add oil and garlic stir fry until brown, and then add beef stir fry until no longer pink
Add Chinese Broccoli and carrot stir fry until it is tender.

Add Fresh noodle stir fry quickly (with fresh noodle it is very sticky) for a minute
Then add stir fry sauce to the wok, mix it well until the noodle is hot and the sauce is stick to the noodle
Add green onion and turn the heat off then add bean sprouts.

Serve hot with lime juice and Chili sauce.


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  1. I think my friend would be interested to this, because he really loves to eat chinese food. I will also cook this because it looks very inviting. I will now try this now and I will also share this to my friend.

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