Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ham and Egg Fried Rice with Celery

Ham and Egg Fried Rice with Celery

There are many kind of fried rice and you can cook it anyway you like. Ham and egg fried rice with celery leaves give very good flavor to the rice and you don’t need to add cilantro like most of fried rice recipe call for.

4 cups of cold left over rice
4 cloves of garlic (or 2 small shallots and 2 cloves of garlic) minced
1 cup of chopped celery leaves along with the tip of the celery stalk
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 stalk of chopped green onion
1 cup of chopped ham
3 eggs beaten
3 T of vegetable of oil for stir fry

Stir fry sauce
3 T soy sauce (if ham is salty try 2 T first) I use Thai seasoning soy sauce
1 T sugar more or less up to you
1 T sesame oil
Mix everything together in a bowl set aside

Turn the heat on to medium high add oil until hot
Add garlic and shallots and chopped onion stir fry until golden brown
Push the garlic, shallots, and onion aside then add beat eggs crumble and cook until firm then mix with garlic mixture
Add rice to fry pan and combine with egg mixtures, stir fry until rice is hot
Add stir fry sauce to the rice and stir fry until everything heat through
Now add celery and green onion to the fried rice, mix well taste and adjust flavor to your liking.
Turn the heat off

Serve hot with black or white pepper and lime juice.


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  1. Wow!. I'm sure this is the recipe that my son will love very much because he really love fried rice. I think I want to try this because it is looks easy to prepare and delicious. I will save this recipe and I wish you would also post a stir fry sauce recipe. Thank you