Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bean Thread noodle Soup (Sgno Mee Sur)

Bean Thread noodle Soup (Sgno Mee Sur)

This soup is good for cold and flu and when it is cold outside it will help you feel better. You can add any kind of seafood for this recipe and any green vegetables you like to this soup.

1/2 cup dried mushroom soak wash cut to bite size
1/2 cup dried lily flowers soak wash cut in half
2 bunch bean thread noodle soak wash cut to small pieces
1 cup chopped Napa Cabbage or Bok Choy or any Chinese green
1/2 onion thinly slice
4 oz of ground pork mix with 1 t of soy sauce and dash of pepper, roll into tiny meat ball set aside
10 shrimps wash clean and set aside
2 T dried shrimps soak wash set aside
3 dried squids soak wash and cut into strips
3 garlic cloves minced or pound in mortar pestle to paste
1small block of fresh tofu cube to bite size
1 pkg of wonton soup mix from Asian store
2 green onions chopped for garnish
1/4 cup of fresh dill for garnish (optional)
4to 5 (14oz) can of chicken broth or homemade broth if the broth is not enough you can add a bit more water
to the soup

In a good size pot add all the chicken broth turn the heat on to medium high until the broth is boiling
Add mini pork meat balls, squids, dried shrimps let it cook for few minutes until the meat ball float to the top

Now add dried mushrooms, dried lily, onion, garlic paste and wonton soup mix, cook until the mushroom and lily is tender

Add bean thread noodle to the soup mix, add tofu, fresh shrimps, and Napa Cabbage or any Chinese green let it boil, stir the soup until everything cook through if the soup is too thick add a bit of water to it
Turn the heat off let it sit with lid open for 4 minutes before garnish with green onion and fresh dill.

Serve this soup with rice or just enjoy it as noodle soup
Note if you add more bean thread, it will become like noodle soup and it is good when you have a cold instead of making Pho that take too long you can make bean thread noodle soup for a cold night.
In Cambodian if you put potato or taro roots or bamboo shoots to this soup it is call somlor kdout or hot pot soup.


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