Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Rice Flour Roll with Bean Filling (Num Krouch)

Sweet Rice Flour Roll with Bean Filling (Num Krouch)
This snack is everywhere in Southeast Asia, the filling is different in each country, for the filling you can use Red Bean paste or Yellow mung bean paste.

For the dough
1/2 cup of sugar with ½ cup of warm water (mix together)
1/2 cup of potato flake
1/2 cup of water + a bit more if needed to soften the dough
2 cups of glutinous rice flour
1 T of rice flour
1 ¼ t of baking soda
1 T of vegetable oil

Mix all of these ingredients together include the sugar water, mix well and if needed add a bit more water to soften the dough so you can roll it out. (This recipe will make at least 12 or more rice balls depend on how big you roll the dough and filling)

For the filling,
It is easy if you buy the red bean paste ready to make and just roll it to small ball or you can do it yourself with yellow mung bean.
1 small bag of clean yellow mung bean sell at the Asian store, wash, soak for at least 4 hours or longer.   Steam the mung bean until soft to mash.
Add sugar to your liking with a bit of salt to the mung bean then mash it to paste
Roll to a small round ball size and set aside, finish all the bean paste.
Wrap the dough with the mung bean filling then roll on sesame seeds (2/3 cup of sesame seeds) you can use sweet Red Bean Paste as filling also.

Take a small amount of dough and flat it in the palm of your hand get one bean paste ball put in the middle and fold the flat dough around until it is seal the bean ball completely.  Roll the ball in the palm your hand until it is look round then roll it on the plate of sesame seeds press it a bit so it is fit tight into the round dough.   Set it aside; finish the rest of the dough.
Heat 6 cups of oil on medium heat until hot
Drop few sesame rice balls into the hot oil keep turning while you fry to even the color on the rice balls. Take it out when it is golden color let it cool before serving.


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