Thursday, February 27, 2014

Steamed Fresh Rice Noodle

Steamed Fresh Rice Noodle
Fresh rice noodle is easy to make if you live in a place that has no Asian market and want to make fresh rice noodle you can make it at home, all you need is a big steamer and a pie glass plate to steam the noodle in.  There are 2 recipes in here

 First recipe (this make a lot of noodle cut in half if you don't have many to feed)
4 cups of rice flour
2 cups of tapioca starch
6 cups of water
1 t of salt
mix together and steam.

Second recipe
1 cup of rice flour
1cup of tapioca starch
2 cups of water
1/2 t salt
2 t of oil
Mix all the ingredients together and let it sit for 2 hours before steaming
Spray or oil a glass pie plate then pour 1/2 cup of liquid flour in it (it is faster if you have 2 pie plates)
Put in the steamer and steam for 8 minutes, take it out and set it in a cold bath tray to cool it faster. 
When it is cool down brush the noodle both side with oil then cut it in about 2 inches wide or any length you like.  Make sure you brush the noodle with enough oil so it won’t stick when you stack it in a bowl.  
Do not keep the noodle in the fridge it will be harder, if you are going to make rice noodle make sure you cook it on that day. 
Fresh rice noodle is good for noodle soup, Cho Fun, and any stir fry you like, I have few recipes in my blog here for stir fry noodle.


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  1. Thank you so much! I live in Alaska and there are no fresh flat noodle here!