Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stir Fry Pepper Crab with Oyster sauce

Stir Fry Pepper Crab with Oyster sauce

In the NW we go crabbing all the time and we eat fresh Dungeness every summer. We made curry crab, pepper crab, and crab salad….The Crabs we catch in Seattle are big and have lots of meat inside, the flavor is better than any place in the US.

3 raw Dungeness clean break apart set aside (if you can break the crab shell a bit so the sauce can absorb inside the crab meat)

Stir fry sauce
2 T of sugar (if you don’t like sweet use only 1 T)
2 T of oyster sauce
2 T Yoshida sauce
1 T of black pepper (if you can find pepper corn and crush it yourself it taste better)
Mix the sauce with black pepper set aside.

2 T of minced garlic
1/2 cup of water to steam the crab
3 Stalks of green onion cut to 1 inch long.

In a big wok heat 4 T of vegetables oil until hot add garlic and stir fry until brown.
Add Dungeness to wok and ½ cup of water to steam the crab for a bit cover and let it steam for few minutes
Now add the sauce to it, stir fry or toss the crabs so the sauce can absorb with the crab meat, cover and cook for few more minutes until the crab turn pink or red color. It is best to cover with lid when you stir fry so the crab will steam faster.

Serve stir fry pepper crab with lemon garlic chili sauce

Dipping sauce
I did not measure this part
You need

Lime juice
Fish sauce
Chili pepper
Pound garlic, chili in mortar to paste then add sugar, fish sauce, lime juice adjust the sweetness, sour to your taste.


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