Monday, January 19, 2015

Twa Ko - New Recipie for Cambodian Sausage

New Twa Ko recipe
2 lbs of beef or Pork with fat
¼ cup of minced galangal
¼ cup of minced garlic
½ cup of minced lemongrass
½  cup of cold cooked rice
3 T of fish sauce
1 T of minced Kaffir lime leaves
1 ½ T of sugar
4 T of crush roasted peanut
2 T of Nam Powder (this help to get sour)

Pork intestine for stuffing wash it well.

Mix all the ingredients together (Put the rice last) well combine then add the rice mix well.

If you have Kitchen Aid or any sausage stuffing machine do so but if you don’t have it you have to find any tube that is large enough or bottle of water and cut it to make an opening so you can stuff the meat mixture in.   Tight it to small round size or any size you like.  There is no sun in my state so I use fan to dry my sausage for a day then put it away in the fridge.   It is ready in a day or two.  You can serve with green Papaya salad or khmer Bok Lahong.



  1. hi. do you use cooked rice? and, what is Nam powder?

  2. used cold cooked rice, Nam Powder is Thai sausage powder that has sausage picture on the package it sale at any Asian store.

  3. Hi Tevy, thank you so much for all the recipes. You are wonderful to share them.

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