Sunday, January 19, 2014

Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken

I  try few orange chicken recipes on line include my own and nothing taste as good as panda express because we don’t have the right ingredients to do it.  To make it easy and fast just go to Safeway and buy a bottle of Panda Orange sauce or a big  jar from Costco. The only thing I add different is ginger, water chestnut and orange zest to it.

4 chicken breasts cut to bite size
Tempura batter mix
Oil for deep fry
Mix and deep fry the chicken according to package direction, drain and set aside

1 T of julienne fresh ginger
1 T of orange zest
1 T of roasted sesame seeds for garnish
1 green onion for garnish
1 bottle of store bought Orange sauce
Heat oil in a fry pan, fry ginger and orange zest until fragrance
Then add chicken, Orange sauce to it (add enough sauce to cover the meat), stir fry until well combined and everything heat through, turn the heat off add sesame seeds and green onion for garnish.
Serve hot or warm with rice.

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