Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumplings

Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumplings
This is very easy Khmer dessert, you can make as much as you like.
2 cups of Glutinous Rice
1 cup of water
2/3 cup of palm sugar (it is best to find sticky one, but if you have one in the block shave it)
Shredded young coconut or store bought coconut flake (it is best to use fresh young coconut)
Toasted Sesame seeds

Start by shaving the palm sugar and roll it to a small ball set aside, finish the remainder.

In large bowl combine flour with water little by little until it form into white dough
Take out one small piece roll and flat it in the palm of your hand
Now take out one piece of palm sugar and put it in the middle of the white dough
Roll it to a small ball set aside, finish the remainder.

In a big pot boil enough water so the dumplings can float to the top
Put few pieces of dumplings at the time and boil them until they float to the top
Take it out then put them in a bowl of cold water for 2 minute so the palm sugar inside the dumpling will cool down and won’t burn your mouth.
Take them out and drain the water from the dumplings.
Put the dumplings on a dessert plate and garnish with young coconut and sesame seeds
In the picture I don’t have young coconut so I use coconut flakes.


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