Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam or Khmer Boklahong)

This is Cambodian Thai style salad. You have to use green papaya for this salad. The flavor is spicy, sour, and salty. Serve with yard beans, cabbage leaves, and saw leaves.

Green Papaya Salad

4 cups of shredded green Papaya
1 sliced tomato length wise
1 T of lime juice
4 yard beans, cut to 1 inch long
3 cloves of garlic
2 Thai chilies pepper (this is hot but it won’t taste good without it.)
1 T of fish sauce
2 T of Som Tam powder
2 T of crush peanut for garnish (optional)

In a Mortar and Pestle pound the garlic, yard bean, and chilies till it is flat and split apart
Add papaya pound with one hand and use spoon to stir it with your left hand to mix it well together
Add fish sauce, som tam powder; mix it again with spoon till all well mix
Add sliced tomato pound it well together
Now the salad should has some juice in it.
Put it on serving plate garnish with peanut and serve with sticky rice wrap in lettuce or cabbage leaf

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