Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mum Silver fish (khmer trey Prite)

Mum Silver fish (khmer trey Prite)

This recipe is like any khmer Mum you need to make sure to adjust the salt to your taste if it too much salt it won’t get sour and if not enough Mum will be spoil. What I do is I often take a taste for the saltiness before I put it in the jar.

1 bag of tiny silver fish or tiny shrimps sell at the Asian market (wash drain and set aside let the water drip)
1/3 cup of minced Galangal
1/3 cup of roasted rice
2 T of salt use American measuring spoon (do adjust the salt)
2 cups of shredded green papaya
1 cup of shredded carrot
1 t of tamarind powder

Mix everything well together put it into a clean jar and let it sits for a week, I keep it outside for 1 day then I keep it in the fridge for later use. It will sour fast depend on where you live with warm weather.

When ready to serve add minced garlic, minced chilies, lime juice and assorted herbs serve with green fresh vegetable. Serve with rice.


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