Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mum Lahong

Mum Lahong

Mum Lahong is khmer snack it is good with any sticky rice or regular rice or just eat it alone.

1 small lahong cut to long strip
2 T salt
Let’s do this part first, mix salt in warm water enough to soak the Lahong over night to soften the texture of Lahong. The next day wash it few times until it is clean. This process is to soften the Lahong and to get rid of any sticky texture on lahong.

Now you need
2 T of Palm sugar
1 T of water
On a low heat stove melted the palm sugar until it is brown in color let it cool
1/3 cup of minced galangal
1/3 cup of roasted rice
1 ½ T of Vietnamese Mam Ca Sac Xay (preserved grinded fish in Brine) this will give flavor to any kind of Mum.
1 t of tamarind powder
1 T of salt
10 fresh chilies

In large bowl mix everything all together except the chilies, mix it well use your hand to do so until well combine then add 10 chilies to it.
Put Mum in a jar and let it sit out for 2 to 3 days then Mum Lahong will be ready to serve.



  1. The way I've seen mam lahong being made they usually ferment shrimp, is this way just an alternative for that or is it different taste wise?

  2. if you use shrimps you have to ferment the shrimp with salt for few days before you add papaya to it. But this recipe only papaya so it is a bit different.