Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fried Tilapia with Ginger and Salty Soy Bean (Trey Chean Jurn)

Fried Tilapia with Ginger and Salty Soy Beans
(Trey Chean Jurn)

1 cleaned tilapia make sure you slice the fish on each side so it fry faster (no head or tail but if you like do so) in the picture I used only white part, but it is best to do whole fish.

1/2 cup of julienne ginger
1/2 cup of julienne white onion
Half red bell pepper julienne
1 julienne Jalapeno pepper seeded if you don’t like spicy
2 T of minced garlic
Chopped green onion or cilantro for garnish (optional)
Oil to fry the fish

For the sauce

2 T of Salty Soy Beans (this soy beans paste is salty)
2 T of lime juice
1 T of soy sauce or fish sauce (make sure you taste the sauce in case it is salty)
2 T of Thai sweet and Chili sauce from the bottle
1 T of water

Mix the sauce together in a bowl and set aside (you taste the sauce and adjust what you need for salty, sweet and sour flavor.)

In a none stick fry pan add enough vegetable oil to fry the tilapia until golden brown on medium heat.
Take the fish out and set it on a serving plate, set aside.

In the same pan take some oil out; you only need 2 T to fry the spice ingredients
Heat the pan back up until hot then add garlic fry until brown then add ginger, white onion, jalapeno pepper, stir fry until tender you can smell the ginger and garlic.

Now add the sauce mixture in let it come to a boil then turn the heat off. Let the sauce cool a bit before add to the fish plate.

When serve add the ginger garlic sauce over the fish and garnish with chopped green onion or cilantro.


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